sitting in staves issuing challenges.

Kal Zakathto Culinane, Centenarian

Remembering the 'good old days' is probably what we old timers do best.

Your last post however has opened up a reservoir of latent memories and they

have come flooding back into consciousness. Especially talk of the legendary

forts of old.

It is ironic however that those memories are filled to brimming about a certain

bard with high skills sitting next to a fort at the council chambers of mercinae,

hurling abuse and singing distance songs to those that would hear.

Although some things change... others don't...

It's not surprising to see that you moan as much as before. Obviously rune staves are

not forts. Most of thakria would not have any trouble taking on an alchemist, artisan

or craftmaster if they used staves (if any ever came off pw or protected lists that is)

and it is a testimony to your lack of ability that you have lost. how many times is it now?

To loremasters.

If loremasters are so powerful, I guess you selected the wrong guild. It really is

about time you stopped moaning about things and actually doing them.

After all. you aren't a bard any longer.


Written by my hand on the 19th of Hindyear, in the year 1010.