Kal Zakathto Sir Julian

It is true that we all team at some point... at least most of us

There are however fundamental differences between a Thakrian team and

a Mercinaen team.....

Firstly. a Thakrian team succeeds in shipping all the enemies.

Secondly... Thakrian teams are about 2 people big whist merc teams start at

4 and end at anything up to 8.

Thirdly... participants of Thakrian teams regularly fight ALONE against

TEAMS of mercinaens and..... WIN.

Last but not least... when a mercinaen team leaders logs out. the remaining

seven members leg it straight to the pool of life (even tho there is still

one enemy online)


Written by my hand on the 6th of Midwinter, in the year 992.