And Julian, I do think it is funny.

By the gods Kes! Art thou insane? Who dost thou think to scare or influence by thy posts? NO ONE in Thakria doubts Plaman or Dartanian or any of Thakrias recent actions.

The reason we have all of Murkdale against us is because that is how we LIKE it. Bring thy strongest army, Kes, we are more than ready for thy pathetic grap for past glory.

As for thy prowess as a fighter... <rofl> I have been killing thee since I was half thy size. Since I asked thee for challenges and thou refused because I was too small.

And now... think thyself big because thou can beat Dartanian who is half thy size, but still a greater man than thou will ever be?

Try playing with the big boys, Kes, for we both know, the only way our battles end is with thou on the ship.

Happy sailing.

Sir Arthor, Scion of Darkness, proud Baron of Thakria.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Midwinter, in the year 992.