Culinane, Prince of Mercinaeto Zakath The Black

Sorry, I just have to play the punk card on you. For a guy who claims to be at one time the Vengeance of Thakria, and another time of \"the Black Magics\" (which I thought was likely a mispelling of \"the Barracks\") you do a lot of talk, a lot of runnin

g, and a lot of, erm, nothing else?

Witness two days ago when I began fighting you in your rituals in Thakria with your usual entourage of CCC's (Hecritor & Kirstiana). Wee little Frankenstein rounded up Periam, Helenna, Obidiah, Armina and god knows who else and charged into the fray

to assist you. Whilst I was dispatching Frankenstein, you left, and when I looked up you were back in your barracks.

Hardly a doughty defender of the City of Miracles. People like Cordon and Frankenstein really shame the likes of you and Arthor. The former two are willing to fight, to risk dying. And guess what? Cordon has even killed me once or twice! Bully f

or him.

Zakath, choose your path, I don't care. But if you are going to hide in barracks and qq during fights, at least do it quietly.

Your loving pal, Culinane

Written by my hand on the 7th of Mournsend, in the year 988.