Blueskull, All Teeth and Furto Zakath The Black

Are you talking about the incident where I reapeatedly lost connection, and repeatedly reconnected, knowing full well I would be defenceless in your rits ? The very same incident that I messaged you about, explaining that I had network problems ?

I can count the amount of times I've qq'd on three fingers, and I certainly havnt done it when fighting you. I do not fear death, and the loss of pride that comes with qq'ing, is far worse a fate than a ship ride.

Incidently, both the times that you have qq'd on me, there were witnesses. I will not drag another into this slanging match, and hence the witnesses shall remain, nameless unless they choose otherwise.

I tire of you now Zakath, so regardless of what storys you concoct for you inevitable reply, I will not make a response.

I look forward to Saturday, (in the unlikely event that you turn up).


Written by my hand on the 7th of Mournsend, in the year 988.