Sajora, Forever of the Dawnto Everyone

Mustardseed. Rangers and Thieves fight similar, we both share the stealth skill set and trapping to ultimate and our way of fighting is also practically the same so you can ask either one for hints. You have a not so uncommon problem of being at a squishy size so people will attack you in order to lure a larger player out. The goal is to get you dead fast so you can get some alone time with your real target. However mastering your speed, movement and mobility and your tricks to use your stealth to make

you hard to find will help in this situations. I've shown Clara some stuff though I'm not the one to ask about trapping (I suck on trapping). I would work on using the keypad for movement, putting your stabbing on your keypad as well as your flips, making sure you can see your directions, routes at all times as well as squeezing past obstacles. Make sure you can always see when your own malloran and pent are up and down as well as your opponents. If you have to practice flipping and true yanking someo

ne 100 times til it feels nature then do it. I'm all about repetition til you can fight without thinking.

Get some bumba settings, we are screwed without using it properly. Set up a system for specific classes so you are only using bumba for poisons weak on knights, loremasters, sorcerers ect. Most important thing is speed as well as using your crossbow due to them being buffed with damage. On the other side learn to dodge constantly to avoid enemy arrows. And learn Parrius backwards and forwards so you you can use certain rooms, up and down locations to your advantage. All the best thieves were the strong

est on their home turf and would slowly lure you to a preset death trap.

Phantomhope, sent a personal message too but her problem can be helped by making use of the Arena. Less worries about supplies and can practice if there isn't enough time to stock up. Also Avalon forces you to be social because we all got something someone else needs so make friends with every profession and hit them up for freebies.

Any one of any size from any city can challenge me though and I can go as fast or slow as you want and I have the power to open the arena if you prefer to practice there.


Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 10th of Agamnion, in the year 1349.