Just Mustardseed, the Smashin Assassinto Everyone

I dont usually do postin coz me posts annoy peeps as a rule.

but i jus wanted te say somefink.

i fink its te mentor.

like i gots clary as a mentor an if i didnt i wouldst prolly sit in me sewer countin me money. or a countin chamber, if i had it. mebbe thieves shouldst have one.

but yeh, here is wot i fink every person needs.

in a mentor i meanz.

1. a person who will jump on em an fight em. but real slow like. so if i gets jumped, te bigger players is gonna killee me. but can yous killee me slowly so i can learn te curin. ravver dan jus bam bam bam yous is dead an didnt really learn a fing.

2. someone who has high spectations. like if i sits in me sewer, clary wouldst be like wots you doin, get out. an she wouldst prolly killee me in te sewer. so i has no choice really

3. helpin yous by given yous free stuff. not coz yous is lazy but if you donts have te stuff yous cant fite. everyone shouldst has somone te help em stock up te keep fitin.

4. also tellin yous cool stuff. i like learnin from clary coz she tells me cool secret stuffs dat is fun te learn. she doesnt save all her knowledge up like a secret super weappn te use on peeps she hates. she shares it wiv even te littlest person if she finks dey can be trusted an will use it well.

5. dey dont care who yous is. like i is a bit annoyin an i has crabbes wot follow me about called mr scuttles and mr pincers II coz mr pincers 1 got crabbenapped. but yeh clary doesnt care who yous is she helps yous anyway coz she wants te make avalon better.

6. te do team fites wiv yous. so fitin wiv a bigger person who mite be yellin stuffs te yous on OOC wen yous is fitin. and den yous learn wot te do an wot not te do. also big team fites is super fun an everyone gets involved an yous dont die so much coz its more diluted fitin an jus more fun all roun.

7. cellybrate yous wins wiv yous an gives yous cool rewards wen yous does well an jus genrally be yous cheerleader in all fings

yeh dats about it. i fink a mentor person is really important. but all those fings everyone can do anyways i guess.

also, clary dont yous go gettin a big tatoe-head coz dis is not ment te be a clary post, its jus some samples.

so yeh, you gotta not mind if dey got crabbes and yous gotta be encouragin and all te big fiters need te killeee te little ones real slow sometimes tho mebbe not alla time coz sometimes yous gotta be badass jus fer te fun of it.

o an big fiters shouldst issue challenges te little ones an offer spars an stuffs. coz i meanz, i aint gonna really wanna jump duncy or someones, but if he woz like hey you, pipsqueak,wanna do a spar an chat it ovver, dat wouldst be cool. coz yous dont really wanna annoy peeps by jumpin on em but if dey offer dats diffrent.

how many thieves does it tek te change a lightbulb?

prizes to te person wiv te rite answer!

Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 8th of Agamnion, in the year 1349.