Crystal heart.

Master Sorcerer Cordon the Fetidto Everyone

What I was getting at was not the loss of experience... was not the loss of items... both of these wouldn't have happened had I prepared properly before hand (as I said I was thinking VERY slow that day)...

I also couldn't care less about getting teamed... there are ways to kill teams of players (Ref: those mages in the Avrit and Julian got 2 mages and Julian a few times... died too but it was a fun fight <grin>)... Also Allanon said he was going after a

ship... _IF_ he was going for a ship... surely he would have spoken to Kilthas for the mortal rit LONG before I'd lost all that exp (which I couldn't care less about either)... What I was getting at was Allanon's inability at a fair fight... the thin

g I had asked him for in the first place... out of challenge because of my BL at the time... after a few deaths I challenged again... try to get him on his own have a fight maybe the both of us could learn from... but his idea of a fun challenge was t

o disable me beforehand then rush in a kill me again... I normally don't complain about not having unfair fight but I thought this one was HUGELY overkill... with more and more players at least twice my size coming in for the kill all the way through

the fight... also I was getting at Allanon's in ability to learn how to defend against someone else's ability... which by using the heart I was trying to defend against Allanon's Stave... which had I entered the location he was in would have killed m

e straight off... so the only way I could have seen past it was to use heart which allows me to keep my demons after I die... nothing else allows this...

Also I can't see how the Gods of this land wouldn't give loremasters an attack that that can do through immortality, be it general or guildskill... hence showing Allanon's inability to learn and also showing how he gets himself out of any situation us

ing HUGH teams... which have the single effect of making him look like a complete moron... inable to improve to counter tactics of others in fights instead relying on his other citizens to cover his faults/do his nappies for him

On the subject of me Hidinging in barracks, leading a newbie around or enjoying DP... I don't HIDE in barracks unless I really have to... more often than not I got there to gather my thoughts... leading newbies has to be done for a city to survive...

Please don't tell me you didn't know that. and I don't enjoy DP... I am a fighter at heart... nothing pains me more to be stuck only doing comms... but I have to say all of these things only take time to leave from... Patience my idiotic friend

Hope I've got my point across this time,


Written by my hand on the 18th of Leaflost, in the year 985.