crystal heart.

Cordon, that is the downside of the crystal heart thing. I remember once, long ago we caught rohan in the same situation.

She died a lot of times, she did not complain. All i heard (i had a bug rune on her eheh) was her saying to another sorcerer 'erm i am gonna put a stop on this crystal heart thing'.

And of course later she came back to kill us back. Nowadays the land is very quiet and there if very few teaming compared to before.

It was quite normal to see huge teams of players (thakrians or mercineans) rampaging the streets of the others and killing everybody in sight.

I dont even understand how you, a sorcerer can be shocked about being teamed. Damm it, just team the guys back or kill them one by one, you are a sorcerer.

Ask panaideos or Rohan, they never whinned even when cornered and killed. They would come back and have revenge.


Written by my hand on the 10th of Leaflost, in the year 985.