The Lazy Knight in Modern Times.

Sitting on his tower of automation the knight was pleased but sadly time had only fueled his greed.

Now I shall focus my sights on blocking for my mount jump and leap leaves my package wide open for mocking.

My tiny manhood I hide to be chase. Couldn't have those animists gossiping and spreading rumors without knowing their place.

Even with persuit I'm much too fat to keep up. I want a boomerang Javelin that hits through every def up. At first it was mighty and killed in one swoop but now it chases you even if you dodge with danger afoot.

It goes through pentacle, through dodge, through acro and fullparry it's the most magical thing sinse Amaril's bug library.

Now mocking the knights guild can prove quite scary because you'll get pissing and moaning on all the forums to be wary.

The knights have gotten just way far too lazy, lets force them on treadmills until they can see the tiny man hoods they carry.

Do as I say but not as I Do because for all my yelling I am still a baboon.

Written by my hand on the 16th of Cloudburst, in the year 1307.