Assassin Rivalen, The Shadowlordto Everyone

If i had time to waste with a moran like you i would, but i dont want to waste my words. YOu stole 7 potions, a tinderbox, 2 charged items, one pentacle, one nullify, 500 gold, my glass. You must be mistaken, there is another in silverfalls with a name similar to mine, and NO its not me, who when i was catted i saw you do your same dumb tactic, and this time you did give him his stuff back, verminard or something like that he is a mage.

But not me, i didnt get one item from you back, so go continue to hide in your pool keep off this board, cause lord only knows when lukien or pryrates comes after you, you high tail it to the pool like today twice. Bravo brave knight of Mercinae, Bravo. Lets see how fast you get to pool when zooka comes on, and your little friends are not here to protect you.

Anyways but i do owe you one thing an thank you for teaching me to rune my items, now i am all runed up, thank you for that. Finally, learn to rune your swords.

Rivalen, Disciple of War.

Written by my hand on the 16th of Cloudburst, in the year 1307.