Long but please read.

Yeesh Lightfingers I think I've killed you less overall then any other Thakrian but you think it's a daily hourly event by how you react to it. If I had to guess maybe 30 times at the very most in the past couple of years? Dundee gets that more in a week and yes Dundee earns it. Also usually I just kill you, try to ship and leave. No griefing or trash talking.

Makes me think you've been able to talk your way out of getting jumped in general except with me and it bothered you. It reminds me of the Tukar strategy. Try killing or even breathing on Tukar and watch how much you will get spammed in tells and messages.

When it comes to coding Dunccan and myself are terrible at it. We do know how to bug people for some code which anybody can do. Achelous seems like a mighty fine scripter as well as Yamaraj. You just have to ask them what you are trying to do and I bet they could whip up something for you in a few minutes. Also from experience usually the best coders aren't the best fighters. An animist has written me some mighty fine things and Goten understands his client more than I ever will.

The people who are good fighters fight all day long. DDW just seems like a backwards strategy to me. How can you get your timing down or combos sorted if you are waiting for skills you won't have muscle memory to use. You can say that you are harassed too much to get supplies but that's not true. You can have a friend kill you for dp and get your goods and then you can do duels or challenge friends or even fight in the Arena. Rinse and repeat to get DP again and poof no more harassment.

Before Dunccan and Salvador came back I had so many of you fuckers fighting me I got exhausted. Once you get better doesn't mean people will leave you alone. Oh no no you just have a larger target painted on your ass.

I don't know about the motivations of others but I don't tend to single people out for no reason. You mock me constantly on the bb and before that would rob from my city and threaten my guild mates. That's not motive to want to kill you every once in a while? You robbed Mercinae while you were a citizen and hoped that everyone would forget that it happened? If you wanted me to leave you alone all you had to do was ask but I guess pride gets in the way. I can be a softie and it gets used against me.

If you really want to learn I can teach (maybe not as a bard) but I'm not sure if you are that into fighting. Many people talk the talk but when you sit down with them and try to help they try to find excuses to bail or complain about it being too hard and you just give up on them as being a lost cause. You had a ranger once but she didn't last very long.

The tells you get calling you a bully everyone gets. A day without etells on is a day of non stop barrages of insults and nobody is immune. I get far worse insults then being a bully though and they tend to veer on the personal misogynistic side. That was never you but it happens.

If you are dead serious about becoming a better fighter you are resourceful enough to make it happen. I'd even spend some good Arena time helping you if you'd like. If that's not for you then own up to it and just go pacifist or DP and enjoy Avalon in other ways.

Written by my hand on the 21st of Leaflost, in the year 1306.