I tried to talk to you and make you understand that your ways are childish, your posting more so. You wish to extend this stomping tirade? So be it.

I am just going to leave you with another little morsel of advice.

Use presences more for your bot, Strongbow used it to create a DB of different things that affect combat in the room he's in. The Strongbot (best fighting bot I knew) was completely automated he could literarily walk away and kill an opponent no problem. (Loremaster skillset was less effective as a knight)

I hope you can excell at something, it won't be combat not while using an automaton so, at least you can make the best one in the history of the land.

You are embarasing yourself with all the fat jokes by the way. They don't bother me. I'm old, ugly, mean, and fat. Hasn't slowed me down at all. I do what I want, lay with whom I want, eat what I want, drink what I want, live where I want. (Caine is kidding about your moms basement right? You don't live with your parents do you?)

Your posts are a blemish on the honor of your order Yamaraj. You must stop.

Written by my hand on the 11th of Midsummer, in the year 1305.