Ostrogoth Cergaro, Misodendrologist of the Westto Everyone

As Salvador correctly points out, every city teams, just some do it more than others. I'm sure being on the receiving end of it makes the experience more memorable.

I for one remember the first Divine Favour I got from a God unconnected with me or my city which was for killing Sajora and Salvador when they were teaming me. They were both top ranked TFs, i was a lowly non fighter that just kept out of people's way unless they were in my city causing trouble.

Low and behold many years later, after Sajora (and others) repeatedly teamed me with up to 4 other fighters, normally including other Parrian TFs, and with the teams often being on the losing end, i found myself in the embarrassing position of being awarded an undeserved TF status.

I don't consider myself a fighter and as such have never taken the red TF badge while fighting, I could have chosen the paths of PW, or DDW but chose not to as i think that personal combat is in some way integral to Avalon even if you don't seek it out.

The most telling thing about this was summed up by a Deity that I'm unconnected with that gave me a Divine Favour for defeating a team of 3 that included one of his followers. He said that 'Really I should DF all of them for being so rubbish, but it's easier to favour you'.

The only reason a non-fighter is so high in attack ratings is because of your repeated incompetence.

Regards, Incompetent, Cowardly, Cergaro

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Mournsend, in the year 1293.