And Ketch).

Absolutely agree. There's none of the tense, nail-biting atmosphere anymore during combat, at least in 99% of my fights.

Lightfingers telling people to issue challenges is a joke, given that in 9/10 cases they will be ignored in favour of the 'I'll only fight when my 5 buddies are here, that way I'll be safe!' approach.

Now this is not a post complaining about teaming as such. I, like Ketch, have a problem with scores of people I could name NEVER participating in combat except in a 3-4-5-6-7-8-9- versus 1 situation where, presumably, they feel there is nothing to lose.

Everything seems to be all about the winning, and it amazes me now to see people who proudly declare they have NEVER issued a one on one challenge at the top of the Attack Rating board.

What happened to people having some standards? When did the 'best practise' for becoming a truefighter, or having Avalonian experience involving hiding in almost any circumstances at the prospect of facing an opponent alone, or worse yet - BB when it goes badly, and come back when I have 4 friends to make me feel better.

ALL cities are guilty of this, and ALL cities could do better to improve their attitudes. Pulling anyone into six v one odds is pretty poor play at the best of times - complaining an hour later there is nobody to fight is a paradoxical statement.

Winning at all costs is a phyrric one at best if even one person quits playing because of these ridiculous things people are doing.

Flame away.



Written by my hand on the 5th of Eleuthral, in the year 1293.