Aethon, the Sun-Godto Everyone

Some of the older players among you will remember the old bloodlust system which has been turned off for some time. However, it is now back; new and improved.

For those of you with the skill, you will find CONSIDER has now been expanded and informs you of your \"fight-worth\" as well as that of the individual you are comparing yourself against. Your fight-worth is made up of several factors and will hopefully become a more accurate estimate of all-round fighting competence/expectation.

In brief, you will now start to gain bloodlust based on this comparison in worth and once your bloodlust exceeds that of an opponent's worth, they will gain the protection of bloodlust from further slaughter.

HELP BLOODLUST has been updated, specifically the last section explaining FIGHTING ON/OFF. Whilst truefighters have no choice in the matter, the rest of you do and those in justice ministries or who feel they have a duty to city defence will most likely be interested in this. Think of the on/off choice as a path you wish to walk in life, similar to that of duelism and pacifism. Those embracing the way of the fighter will find they are not held

back by bloodlust when attacking more worthy foes and equally, will not give any bloodlust to said opponent.

Do remember though, this is intended as a life choice and not something to turn on and off depending on your mood - abuse to escape from a fight will simply lead to changes in how this command works.

As this is a new system, it will quite likely be tweaked here and there. However, if you find any issues that you think require addressing, do come forward and announce them to either Myself or Genesis so that overlooked matters can be dealt with in a speedy fashion.

Lord Aethon

Written by my hand on the 9th of Skyelong, in the year 1269.