Wisdom vs Experience.

- When you are fighting someone who is completely overpowering you in every

sense, and you cannot find any method of improving or learning, then there is nothing to be gained by continuing the fight until you have a new

tactic or plan to try. -

This part rings completely false.

You are not taking in the psychological aspect of fighting. While you may see someone as rushing into certain death and wasting their lives I see someone who is getting the jitters and nerves out of their system and getting to a place where death and failure holds no fear over them.

Compare these two groups of people.

You have the young aspiring fighter who thinks he needs more skills to fight so he sits with a pan at the river where he waits..... as hours turn into days and days into years. He finally gets enough lessons for a skill he covets and has a challenge where he promptly loses. He throws up his hands and goes back to his panning thinking one more ultimate and glory will be his. He continues to lose and continues to pan. He then blames his profession and switches to another and goes back to his trusty pan. A

fter continuing to lose his one fight per week he fades off into the sunset never to be seen or heard of again in that incarnate.

Then we have the young mouthy lw. Who boasts and swaggers and threatens and jumps peers and promptly gets stripped and poison locked and humliated by the bigger badder friends of his victims. He rarely has DP and continues to stalk his peers while avoiding the Ultimates the best he can. He fights every day, every hour, every opportunity even if his pouches are empty and his potions are all shattered. As he grows he starts to win against those twice his size. The same ones who have been very cozy with t

heir pans. As he gains more and more ultimates he begins to dominate the land.

I can name at least 20 people who fit each of these descriptions and I assure you the ones you saw as foolish lws wasting their time fighting bigger players they stood no chance on are the most competent fighters in Avalon today.

Share your wisdom with me all you want but I will trust my personal experience.

Written by my hand on the 7th of Hindyear, in the year 1250.