new discoveries.

Baron Bifrous of Beggars Wayto Everyone

Greetings, Avalon.

Though I may often seen an unlikable and aloof figure, I assure you I hold the utmost gratitude for this land and it's citizens. As such, I would like to perform a small public service. Some of you may have heard of a mysterious third arcana, or perhaps been given small clues to aid in it's discovery. After much searching, I've at last witnessed the strange and magical ritual with which it may be realized!

So here we are; Apparently, the third arcana is activated by holding breath ten times in a row, lighting all your pipes, waving a magestaff five times, chanting eight spells, emoting spit bukandas, and casting a charm of hearing.

The actual effects of this most potent arcana have yet to be witnessed. For more info msg Tehuti, the developer and leading master of this technique.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Leaflost, in the year 1235.