Bad bad bad .

Finally i understand what others have said, like belgadeth you run before you health is anywhere near low, second like lucifer you portal to those that have died in the hope you may get some form of a kill yourself while they are at a disadvantage.

Jab alkar has got to be about near on as lame an attack as you can get, plus even after killy both my mounts you had to retract, how pitiful.

Even solo admitted that you were the one aloofing all the time, yet and still you prove yourself to be nothing. i cant even say it was a good fight as you spent most of it in the clouds.

Maybe one day you will manage a kill where you dont need to leave staves and then run to your stock room. or better still you could go pw again.

Even better for everyone, and i mean everyone, your city that you bring untold grief upon, your enemies whom you do nothing but hide or run from. may be just maybe you will find the guts to post a really really really real last post and just bugger off and leave avalon.

Its not like anyone will miss you.

Written by my hand on the 26th of Eleuthral, in the year 1171.