Abydos, Corsair Extraordinaireto Everyone

Can visor please stop rituals from working? I think I speak for us all when I say this

has gone on long enough. I mean, visor stops runeblades, staves, dramatics and dazzling.

This is not enough! We must make it so visor stops more things. I mean, knights can't

be expected to rely on standground and blankmind all the time to stop everything else!

Change visor to stop all rituals. Perhaps demons, too. Because like a scary movie, it

all goes away if you close your eyes. That's how things work. If you can't see it, it

isn't true.

I also think a new skill should be implemented called Ear Muffs. This would allow

a knight, and only a knight, to wear specially made ear muffs that only we can forge that

cover our skulls in a way that makes all songs, voice and music completely null. Blankmind

is not enough. Numbness drains mana! It also makes ucklice go away bye bye. This is

totally unfair.

Also, standground stops yanking, but visor should too! The reasons for this are clear.

Also, as well, additionally, blankmind needs to stop killing of the knight. How can you die

if there is nothing to kill? Blank... mind... get it? You need a mind to survive, other-

wise you are dead. So knight's should not be killed because we are already brain-dead.

I also think farting in Azrili should not stop cleaves from working on the mainland.

This is prepooster.prepostir... er... this be... NOT GOOD! Cleaves must work past farting.

No one can control all their gas. It is not right to expect knights to try and stop every

single flatulent and cleave at the same time. Knights should have fart immunity.

Thank you everyone. I have thunk too much and I need to rest now.


Written by my hand on the 20th of Eleuthral, in the year 1171.