No point.

There is no point in posting any sort of reply to Nauthsiiir.

What do you gain, it's like when I posted to Abydos she responded with an even longer post about nothing and how great she was while running around, they are the same type of individual all bark no bie.

Or like when Maiyo. sorry Maiya would post to Threap and others with the same insanity, I think a god dfed her or something and she posted a 3 hour post and then quit the game.

This reminds me of another person a guy though who would post to Babidi and even other players for hours and hours, to gods pages and pages of scroll.

We are just lucky that Nauthsiiir still hasn't begun such rants I sincerely hope we don't have an Abydos the return on our hands. This would trully be sad

Written by my hand on the 25th of Cloudburst, in the year 1165.