Brute force?.

Sajora, you lie just like your citymates.

Firstly, the main person you are ignoring mentioning here is Zenichiro, the guy you will shortly hurt a great deal when he learns he isn't the love of your life.

Then there's Rikki, whose rits were all over the area we were fighting in, while he sat at the Pool of Life so the rits couldn't be taken down.

Then there's the staves from Aryanna (Dunccan's tool) and Flamestrike (Rikki's tool) in the area. Add that to the fact that there were many many others in both situations and that mithrandil was disconnecting every 30 seconds.

Do you think I am defeated easily? I think the complaints from you that I attack you when you join a city I am at war with (hardly unreasonable) suggest you at least acknowledge my ability in a fight.

I shipped many many times because of utterly overwhelming numbers, and I gave that willingly to my city as I saved troops that otherwise would have been lost.

Now to your other comments.

I have never been cut out for leadership?? It's all I do, Sajora. Fighting, warfare, they are just a hobby. I was an incredibly young leader of Parrius in the past and quickly rose again to that position on my return. The city flourished, the young learned, we were at times the strongest in the land even though we had fewer troops, fewer resources, and fewer citizens than other cities.

In Parrius, Abydos has become a valued citizen, the troubled Mojo grew to love the city and work hard for it, Narissa whose temper had previously got the better of her mellowed and blossomed, though you who demonise her to such a ridiculous extent probably haven't noticed.

My reasons for leaving have been made very, very clear, unless you haven't been reading these posts at all.

Oh, and on your point about dragging people up to rooftops? We did this when as a team of two, we were fighting much larger teams in staves, picking off individuals who were trying to band up against us. You never could cope with the tactics...

You are pretty much as bad as the rest of them, maybe less verbally offensive but I guess it is you who does the offering of steeds? Everyone else denies it though they seem to disappear with alarming frequency whenever I am fighting from your city. Your (ab) use of poor Zeni makes a fool of him and god knows what out of you. I guess I won't be around to see the fallout but it won't be pretty.


Written by my hand on the 19th of Paglost, in the year 1155.