Dunccan, it's a long time since I saw you show any respect to your enemies. This attitude from you and your asshole (their words) citymates is why I am leaving, not defeat.

Constant lies are also tiresome. I didn't say I never touched Orielle. Killing someone 7 times in 2 days is very easy as I'm sure anyone looking at kill records will realist.

Orielle went through a brief misguided attempt at helping fight when I was in Springdale. When someone has life potion and a resurrection ability 7 kills is really nothing over such a period.

Eloire's post is anything but simple, why don't you look at your own privileged access to kill records to tell who I have killed? I'll guarantee that in almost every situation it is because they have attacked me with a group.

My reason for continuing this exchange is not to complain. I hope people will listen to my words and maybe change.

I don't know or care how I \"lost your respect\". I think anyone looking at your rather poor attempts to slur my name (references to past evils against thakrians, kill records saying how I slay Eloire and Orielle, devoid of context, these people are my peers for gods sake) will see that these are manufactured excuses, not reasons.

I might speculate that you just don't like being opposed, but for whatever reason you have been constantly offensive and sadistic, things you have basically admitted in the past few posts.

Maintaining respect is the key to being able to stay in any way good or reasonable. Avalon is a social environment and even between enemies a degree of respect is required, even if it is not role-played.

This is the core of my message to you. Try and regain some respect. You and your citymates need to learn respect or nobody will want to share a land with you. I can happily accept being beaten as has happened to me many times in the past. Being constantly disrespected is not why I come here.

So, goodbye.


Written by my hand on the 18th of Paglost, in the year 1155.