I do Judge you, and have found you wanting.

Hiding? you are the one who quit so many years ago, I assure you, taking a leave of absence from Avalon had absolutely nothing to do with fighting. Those in my city know why I left.

You abandoned me and others back then, as you are going to now.

I don't know one single springdalian enemy and peer of yours who respects you.

Not a one.

Your own order-members laugh at your hypocricy, mine at least knows what I'm about, they know I am a hard judge but a fair one, and an Executioners, Executioners have no mercy, Judges do not show partiality, you commited crimes against my city, that some thakrians respect you, followers of darkness respect you it is because you played their toady.

Truth is if you have the respect of people who are evil then you must be doing something that they like.

Just run with your tail between your legs Krill last time you left it was also to leave your citizens in their most dire need. Have some balls man! Instead of sitting down to the treaty table you just walk away, last time you left without a word to anybody as more and more evil dudes came and came, huzow babidi arthor etc.

I may be guilty of leaving once or twice as Fistandantilus and Joely remember but the first we were on top, and I had no choice and the seccond I had to leave Avalon, both times I warned people I was going.

Whatever Krill, quit being a whiner, stay and fight, if you want fair fights i will give you fair fights, invariably when i'm fighting you narissa interferes so don't even try and pretend, I shipped you in our last challenge to prove to you not only that I don't need help from anybody but that you really arn't that good.

In the end, if you leave, you will only hurt parrius, in the end, althouth the teams may seem like 10 to 1 they are usually even in numbers if not in expertise. If you wish to return to a more civilized relationship, stop felling our staves killing our citizens, killing our men, assaulting our SOI, teaming us with Thakrians for god sakes.

I guess what i'm trying to say, even though I could care less about narissa, I would not like to see you go. A treaty perhaps, between our two cities could be arranged.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Springflower, in the year 1155.