I didn't respond to your earlier post because frankly the thread was getting dull. Now you think I was \"shut up\" by your list of numbers?

I've attacked in your city many times, usually one against many, and yes that has meant I've killed fighters like Vargo and people who have tried to interfere like Eloire and Orielle. Circumstance is important and you show know knowledge of it. Generally I've killed Vargo when he has attacked me with others, he knows this and I'm sure you do too.

As for \"just deserts\" you are referring to actions years and years ago, yes I've used box traps on occasion which are easy to bypass and really just a way for me to make occasional money. I've never had any complaints about it. And my attacks on Thakrians were predominately on larger thakrians, alone generally.

I said previously that you can judge people by the comments of their enemies and I by and large had respect from them and gave respect to them, even when yes I beat them regularly.

I have never claimed to be perfect. I've done things I'm not proud of, yes I've participated in taking things but you and they know it's the exception not the rule.

The difference is that I have still tried, you on the other hand seem to truly relish your new role.

There's another difference here. It's not just you Dunccan, you are an asshole and a decent fighter but you spent the last few months hiding because you didn't have a large team to back you up. Now you and your city is behaving as one, individuals don't attack, the whole team does, no matter who the opponent, what the odds, or what the \"justification\".

As for your last comment, I'll put it down to your legendary arrogance, but never think you can shut people up by saying you are a good fighter. Never mind the fact that in many situations you aren't my equal, I would think your judgement, if you stood back just for the briefest of moments would accept some people other than you and your friends have competence.

If you fail to accept this, it just shows how skewed and partisan your judgement really is.


Written by my hand on the 3rd of Springflower, in the year 1155.