Let me dry those tears.

Wow, who pissed in your bran flakes. I really don't have the energy to post my logs of your \"typical\" challenge behavior and you are one of those types alah Belgadeth and Mojo who take on the typical deny deny deny approach even when faced with hard facts and you'll never admit to it anyway. I bet next week you'll post \"I don't use staves! I never run to clouds! stop running the typical SD propaganda BS, blah blah

I don't tend to brag about challenges lasting a long while as anybody who is fairly competent knows how to defend properly. Heck I could just pent over and over and over and throw in a full parry here and there and avoid your stave forests and boom our fight just lasted 6 hours. Does this make me good or you good because none of us have died? Rarely rarely do I have to run from you as I tend to just stick on the ground, pent up, and heal up and wait for you to try some roll armsmash combo that hits my

pent and you fly to clouds only to repeat again. The only times I was close to dying during our last fight was when not to your knowledge Shakal had come in and started poisoning me up

And yes Abydos I do watch your challenges, like the one with Dunccan where the poor Beast took quite a beating. Dunccan... not so much. A challenge with Thamior? Oops you got his steed too. Challenges you've had with me? Portal jab eagle, fly to clouds, Portal feeble grab a pipe, run to clouds. Wow am I impressed yet?

As for your conversation in between calling me names where you said I won't team you blah blah (surely by know you know I can't trust you as far as I can thrust kick your ass into a locked room) that my response was \"Whatever\"

I think it may be healthier for you to just admit, you are going to lose some fights and that's ok. I'm good enough, smart enough, and god damn it people like me. (ok well thats a blatant lie but you lie to yourself anyway.)

Looking forward to pushing you through Finbar's sizemic stave forest.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Midwinter, in the year 1155.