Finbarto Corsair Abydos, Essence of Fury

Having deemed to lecture Springdale on its behavior -- reprimanding its citizens as childish and setting out how

you are nothing like what you claim Springdalians are - i responded to your post with the reality that after

a prolonged fight with your stave hugging hide - you died - lost - and in the process did precisely the thing YOU CLAIM

you would never do to anyone - namely kill and offer mounts. That you were unsuccessful in offering my mounts

in the challenge - unlike the mount you offered previously - had more to do with my quick hands than your intentions.

The point of my post was not that I beat you but that you are a liar. This is plain to any mature half-wit in the land, but

to you, its all about you losing a challenge and not about your being a liar.

By the way - it was cold when we fought, adn we were standing in water - have you never heard of shrinkage?

Come examine my penis when I am relaxed and in a dry warm enviornment - I' m sure you will mistake it for a

stave and be overcome with the urge to hug it.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Midwinter, in the year 1155.