Yes indeed - so the hell what.

Finbarto Corsair Abydos, Essence of Fury

So the hell what to your innane and nonsensical ramblings about honour and childishness. Yes I beat you, but

that, contrary to what your fragile ego percieved, was not the point of my post - I think little of beating you and

only acknowledge it took so long given your love for staves. The point of my post was that despite your protestations

in the post that provoked my response, you infact do kill mounts in challenges and just because you didnt get the

opportunity to offer them - well . . . we know how that senario ends.

Your endless prattle about my skills is amusing and displays a lack of understanding unparalleled as of late. As

for lestagii . . . examine your log, it was you choking down that herb, not me, I was using trylar having no lestagii

on me currently save for 10 dunccan gave me After our two day long spar.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Midwinter, in the year 1155.