So the hell what?.

Corsair Abydos, Essence of Furyto Finbar

Did I offer your eagle? No! Did I have an eagle or a unicorn to help protect me? No!

So why shouldn't I try and even the playing field despite the fact that you have a lot of skills

that make loremasters gimpy as it is? I didn't offer your damn eagle because i've stopped

doing that, as I've said. So shut up already. You won a challenge. Personally, any knight

who can standground all the time and mindblank with no eq or balance, throw double swords after

getting their arm smashed in, allheal themselves without having to sip anything, use bukandas

and nann as much as you did during our fight, with endless boats of lestagii that you get from

God knows where, who the hell doubts you'll win a challenge or two versus a profession that

has to try and match you blow for blow?

Like i said, Finbar. No grace, no style. Just petty bragging when you win. The Springdalian

stereotype you do nothing to disprove.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Midwinter, in the year 1155.