Do what I say not as I do.

I remember this discussion that was pretty much *Insult Sajora* how about we work this out? *Insult Sajora again* and what about this? *Insult Sajora* How about I agree to do this if you do that? Not exactly the best way to get your point across.

I'm pretty big on pattern recognition and you have a history of posting one thing and doing the complete opposite. You can't manageto fight a challenge where if it lasts longer then 5 minutes you end up attacking the steed. If it lasts 10 minutes you retract because you can't stand the shame of the inevitable Abydos has been slain by so and so and rises to haunt Avalon as a ghost. If you jump without a challenge and the other person survives the onslaught for longer then 3 minutes you come back with 3

people, though your dwindling popularity in Parrius is making this harder and harder to do.

The rules you've lain out in battle is this. Why fight when you can grief? I've taken you up on this challenge to see who can be the most annoying to the other fighter. When you challenge you are going to either A, gun for a steed, B try to smelt or shatter items, and C uncharge items.

My point is this, you have inspired through your obnoxious treatment the treatment you receive and I'll rather let actions speak louder then your hollow words here.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Midwinter, in the year 1155.