In simple terms.

Mortals have the ability to achieve reasonable compromises to make the land as a whole more

enjoyable for everyone. It takes maturity and experience to step back for a moment and think

to yourself, \"Is it really necessary for me to step in and help this citymate of mine team this

other player outside my city? \" Those with self-restraint will answer themselves, \"No, it is not

necessary and therefore I will allow my fellow citizen to learn more by fighting one on one. \"

The player with no emotional control or respect for allowing their citymates the proper room

for personal growth. As I stated in my previous post, you all shunt that when you attack your

enemies in a team outside of warfare or a stave felling mission. This isn't griping about

teaming, this is about the power that mortals have at their fingertips to make Avalon what they

would like to see it become -- The Gods will very rarely bow down to the whims of one of us.

Therefore, I suggested to Sajora, Pahn and Dunccan a few nights ago that I will be attacking them

on my own or with 'evenly matched' teams, cease the killing of steeds, and participate in

fair play. If you all can't realize that this is the right step towards a more balanced

Avalon and one that will avoid the terrible lows of getting teamed and the easy highs of

teaming, then you all have a lot of growing up to do.

So start now and learn to use that God-given reasoning ability that separates man from beast.

Your soul will thank you.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Midwinter, in the year 1155.