Top Fighters.

Sir Thamior Altruin, Knight of Lightto Everyone

I think this is a pretty good topic, much better than the whiny bitching that usually graces the board. Though god knows someone else will probably bitch about something on this.

For top loremasters, im gonna have to say Kodiak also. For little ones, Lucifer for sure.

For top knights, im gonna have to say Maverick or Dunccan for active ones at the moment. Little ones, Jaco i guess. Never fought him ;)

Scratch that, i should just talk of people i know about. Osric was unstoppable when he was around, ill give it to him

For top mages, im gonna say Fistantilus no doubt about it. No doubt. For little ones... i dont know any little mages.

For top seers, cordon or uzetimael probably. only two i see ever really fight.

For sorcerers, Keros, and probably vaash if she doesnt decide to play another second later.

Bards, camaris no doubt about it. Though Abydos was a good bard as well

Hmm, i think that about covers it.



Written by my hand on the 7th of Cloudburst, in the year 1154.