Top fighters.

First off, thank you for your thoughts on me, though elmak is damn good and sajora is a better fighter than me. i just dont go away *grin*.

Knights are the most popular profession right now, along with loremasters, and due to the amount of damage these 2 professions deal (staves/runes, jj etc) theyre REALLY annoying to fight if you have over, say, 600 health *grin*

Knights - hard to pick. Maleki gives speed and effectiveness, Finbar gives really original attacks and a damn painful damage, dunccan is nigh on impossible to kill unless youre helped in some way (and he deals something like 50% damage a hit - ARG!). Zakath is decent if its 1-on-1 in a locked room, and jaco kicks ass for his size.

Loremaster - Zeni and kodiak are the two most obvious choices, though i'd favour kodiak for originality (he doesnt rely on cross rune, sentinels and mass staves whatsoever). Dont get me wrong, Zenichiro hurts like hell especially with his staves all set up, but Kodiak i reckon works harder on original tactics.

Mages - August is quite good at this stage, and Ramoth returning signals a very painful fight to anyone who tries. Props to mithrandil for his efforts, a great annoyance, especially when sitting in a peace ritual.

Thieves - Narissa duh. Most original and powerful in the land, though if uwoiame ever really spent time advancing her fighting she'd probably make a good foe.

Bards - Camaris is the only true active one, but my god he's good... definately hard to beat

There are no seers around really. Esprii created an annoyance but was TOO experimental to be truly effective. Cordon kicked ass too. And im sure we'll have a whole bunch of up-and-coming prophetesses soon.

Sorcerers - Keros (when he is around) is very original, and strong. Phalant needs to learn how to fight without his demons (tends to get messed up without em) but other than that could be a great enemy. Valari will be NASTY as soon as she gets her skills to the right place

Rangers is hard to pick - Sajora, elmak and myself are all (pretty much) on par, though Elmak in his prime is amazing, and sajora's persistance is utterly defying

Written by my hand on the 6th of Cloudburst, in the year 1154.