Belgadeth and challenges.

Finbar, Illuminatito Sajora, Whisper of the Eve

To the contrary Sajora, the challenge between you and Belgadeth did not end

when he first ran to his temple. Nor did it end the first time he bb'd in his

temple, nor did it end when he returned from the bb and you killed him, Nor did

intimidate thakrian end when he then ran back into his temple, nor when he again bb'd in his

temple. NO NO NO, the challenge was still mutual at that point. Indeed, it

remained a mutual challenge even when Belgadeth, rolling his way to the pool of

life got right before its entrance. ONly then, in order to enter the pool

of life did Belgadeth retract his challenge and flee from your fury into the

pool of life. AT that point the challenge was over, he had retracted. Indeed

he could not seek the sanctitiy of the pool of life without retracting his challenge.

When he then left the pool, i did not touch him, though you were quick to kill him

and when i arrived, he rose from the dead, and again attempted to flee. You then

attacked, and as he rolled again, a location away, i jj'd him once, and you

swiftly put an end to his miserable, pathetic useless life.

In fact, before even touching that little sniviling rat, I doubled checked

and indeed he did not reissue the challenge, though your's was still outstanding.

So while you may have killed him, and recieved the glorious announcement that

you had defeated him in a challenge . . . it would have been no different if

i had issued to him, and as he ran around the land, telling me to f off, i killed

him. Not mutual, not a challenge, just another embarrasing episode in belgadeth's


Written by my hand on the 7th of Leaflost, in the year 1148.