those who talk behind DP.

Erm Finbar already admitted he JJ'd on that last bit. Apparently when you hit the BB during a challenge it automatically retracts you so technically there was no challenge at that point. Sigh... all that stalking for nothing. But no fear the hilariously of watching you roll on down to the pool more then makes up for it but that's old news.

armsmash liara for Rath, it seems people don't understand when two people talk to you it doesn't mean they are hitting you at the same time yet all these Parrians like to claim these invisible non existent teams as a way to justify their bloodlust donations due to a big mouth.

I_really do worry for our new generation of so called fighters. We have all paid our dues to paying for insulting and instigating our elders with our lives. It was how things were done and we never would whine to them about it either. I know if I went to a mean evil Thakrian and teamed him I would be expecting a wicked retribution shortly. But it seems so many of these Parrians want to play naughty whenever they like and never be punished for it.

I fear for your cities future.

Written by my hand on the 7th of Leaflost, in the year 1148.