This will be my last post to you, period.

You really really need to lay off the furglewort. It's starting to wear on your mind set.


You have never beat me one on one, by yourself, until yesterday. Period.

Don't flatter yourself with razing the Brigands guild. You did it with no one here to defend. You had help from someone, which I'm still looking into with moving troops. You razed a guild that has held one prominent member for ages, which I must say I am not boasting over.

In essence it's like Parrius marching on Krempton. It's not a bloody accomplishment to boast on. A newbie could have done what you did.

Now, this doesn't say much for my guildmastership. I never claimed to be a superb GM. It's not me specialty, and if the guild had a proper heir, I would relinquish the title.

That's besides the point. The simple fact that you continually gloat over one kill just shows how much you really do think of me as a fighter. I never seen such a stir over one win in all my life. Thanks.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Cloudburst, in the year 1148.