Liar, coward and idiot.

YOU entered the pool of life before that, in fact, you rolled on location at a time

trying to avoid the reality of your incompetence. Hate to break it to you, but

you have to retract challenge to enter the pool, and, as the log shows, and as I

fully know, you did not reissue, otherwise I would not have touched you.

So the challenge ended when you retracted and ran to the pool of life, not when Sajora

killed you thereafter, or when she killed you again with the aid of on jj from me.

You admit to bbing TWICE in a challenge. Why didnt you just retract in the first


If all you say is true, that Sajora was wasting your time by idling in Springdale for

5 minutes -- oops no its less than that now isnt it? -- Then why not retract?

You didn't. Instead you ran to a temple and bb'd, when you returned, she killed you

and you ran around and bb'd again. Then you continued to run, and fled to the pool

ultimately having to retract. Then you stepped out, were slain by Aja, then by

Aja again, with a minor push from me.

The point you are missing is you DID use the bb as an escape tactic, and the pool.

None of this is surprising though, you claimed recently I could not kill you on my

own, yet I believe in our last challenge you died some 4 or 5 olvar deaths.

You Belgadeth, are in a class all by yourself, and apparently your sitting in the

corner with a pointy hat on, drooling.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Cloudburst, in the year 1148.