and Threap.

Ajato Arturo, Serpent of Thakria

It's so refreshing to have a dialog going with such fine and admirable hob... err people like yourself and Threap. Being the mature, well-read Avalonians that you are, you presented your cases with only a spattering of crafty name-calling and deftly worded insults. I now understand, thanks to your scholarly assessments, that stasis is the answer to a whim. Well done and thank you!

As far as your eq/action complaints are concerned. It is not a bug. It never has been. It is innate for us just as essencing is for those with charming skills. Considering the speed overall of magic users and knights in comparison, this is the scissors with which we cut through a few sheets of paper.

Aja, Nekkid til the end!

PS... By the by, I know how to get around stasis. That wasn't my point at all. Thanks again for cementing my theory that most of you are incapable of seeing anything other than what's on the surface.

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Leaflost, in the year 1146.