Arturo, Serpent of Thakriato Aja

Why are you needed?

Answer is : You're not.

There was a time a good many months back when Genesis appealed to Avalon to create new and inventive skills for implementation into a higher rank of guild learning where a mortal may replicate the effects of divine favour and further boost their skills via dint of higher paced learning.

A smattering of the offerings were implemented and the result is what you have been feverishly learning with the help of those trusty relics under the fresh breeze of an open air environment. Alchemical \"Stasis\" is one such skill. Not being a Loremaster I presume nothing more than to say it evokes a kind of slothfulness on an attacker and their attacks are somewhat sedated afterwards. I have heard tell of prevention and cure and when used effectively it seems to effect a decent and noteworthy defence t

o a guild who has been very poorly treated over the years.

Recent unknown \"Bugs\" have been coded out and things that have been perceived as god given defences are rapidly disappearing from the land. I ,along with Zwartia , have long been unconvinced as to the existence of simultaneous \"Equilbrium + Action\" the Rangers/Brigands have been doing for some time. What is the point of that skill? One could childishly level at the populace, if one was a complete simpleton. My suggestion to you as that you don't over stretch your importance here and post less innocuous

scrawl so that , fortune permitting, you may one day not be instantly disregarded should you have a serious and notable point to make.


Written by my hand on the 2nd of Leaflost, in the year 1146.