Rock, paper, scissors.

Ajato Infamous Threap, Darkness Unleashed

Ok, I'll admit I'm whining about stasis. What is the point of it exactly? At least with those other skills you spoke of give some warning. you know when a portal is coming and you see the splashing. Stasis is just there after the fact and you see nothing at all until its to late. Why is it not overpowered to give a profession that's already faster that most a way to slow down and/or throw off an opponents timing? Something that apparently can be kept up for a considerable amount of time AND while they'

re fighting. Why do loremasters need this? What rock is this paper covering?

Better yet, have the paper cover the scissors, and use the rock to smash Cordon. :-)

Still nekkid despite being untitled,


Written by my hand on the 23rd of Hindyear, in the year 1146.