Infamous Threap, Darkness Unleashedto Aja


Well done you answer my post agreeing with me and then have exactly the kind of attitude that I was posting about. Whine whine statis this summon that, Pathetic.

While I am not going to analyse the 3-4 ways to use the compassion summon skill needless to say none of them have a 100% success rate. If you are too stupid to drop a pyramid or cancel portal or a number of other ways to prevent it then its your own look out.

As for statis when it was first put in it was rather buggy but now its fine, anyone with a brain and a speed potion will not be affected by it too greatly.

If you want to talk about unbalanced skill, scroll back and read the Thread my patron started about paladins, they are on 50 health and Can just evoke peace making themselves not killable to all but another knight or a sorcerer, gee that's fair isn't it. And yes its true they get TWO skills to reduce mana loss and run around with every mana drain skill on they can.

Or lets talk about Mages, charmshield that's just great they now have a \"ZERO\" chance of being removed from rits by all but a loremaster, oh yeah I forgot that skill has now been made completely useless. oh and of course there is cordons new favorate trick dance 100s of girdlings rits one in every location in thakria.

All you whiners are just pathetic, Here are some simple facts, Kodiak with his bearform gem lost to me as a cavalier with no gems. Me as ranger with 2 gems lost to fistandantilus with 0 gems in a gem quest and yet we are overpowered.

I challenge any loremaster type to name the last time they used summon on me and successfully killed me one on one, You will have to think very far back.

The lot of you are turning avalon into some glorified chat room with your complaining, this whole \"new age\" player that thinks every class in the game should be balanced is ruining avalon. For every scissors there is paper, but there is also a rock. There is no BEAT ALL class in Avalon. now stop your bitching jesus.

Threap, For a huggie, whiner and pacifist free Avalon.


Written by my hand on the 23rd of Hindyear, in the year 1146.