Whatever it is you're smoking, I want some...

Because it is obviously a much better time than furglewort/grelixar/ajkara cocktail!

I won't go into how many times who's killed whom except to say that except you lie or are under the influence of this seemingly wonderful new reality warping herb. Please do share?

\"You laughed at Mojo and I eh? Did you laugh when I shipped you as well? Did you laugh when I spat on your

dead corpse? Did you laugh when I did this alone, even after chasing you around avalon 'nipping at your

toes'? \"

Well in actuality, yes to all of the above! You understand very little - if anything all. You don't understand that you are nothing more than a training tool for me. (Emphasis on the word \"tool\" there). You don't understand how very little dying means to me. We are all granted new life from the Powers that be. I do not fret over levels like you seem to. It is more important to you to keep them than to not be a hypocrit and a bb-diving, qq'ing poseur.

You can lie about me all you wish. I care not what you or any other mortal here thinks of me. There is only one thing people need to know about me...I do unto others as they have done unto me and as it pleases me.

Dancing Nekkid in the Woods,


PS - since we have such a lovely dialogue going now, please tell me how you managed to stop that speed walk back to Xanthe's temple mid way and get into the bb so quickly?

Written by my hand on the 11th of Skyelong, in the year 1144.