Listen, wench.

Maybe this will shut you the hell up.

I issue a challenge to you, best out of 3. Loser has their forestry skillset dropped to apprentice.

I choose best out of 3, because I don't want you whining when I kill you the first round.

You are nothing more than a nuissance, and I find your accusations not only laughable, but down right idiotic.

You laughed at Mojo and I eh? Did you laugh when I shipped you as well? did you laugh when I spat on your dead corpse?

Did you laugh when I did this alone, even after chasing you around avalon 'nipping at your toes'?

Aja, I don't believe you have ever even killed my by yourself, once. My attacking you, you then going to the pool and hiding, gives me every right to retire to my patron's temple.

Do I have to stand outside the pool for an alotted period of time before it is ok to return the her hallowed grounds in her temple?

Written by my hand on the 10th of Skyelong, in the year 1144.