Since we're on the subject...

Cornucopia of Nekkidness Aja, The Greenwood Godivato Everyone

Consider this official notice... Lord Maedhros does not have a temple in the sense that most other gods do. He does however have several locations in and around the Grove Tavern that are consider sacred ground. I'm sick of seeing this ignored and abused. So that everyone is clear and on the same page, I will list these for you.

The Glade of Allendil... this one should be fairly obvious since you are notified upon entering - \"The trees part grudgingly, allowing you to pass unmolested unto the safe haven of the hunter. \"

The Wooded dell... the entrance to the Glade.

The entire top floor of the Grove Tavern - Top Landing, Chambers of Maedhros, Shrine to Maedhros Allendil, the Hunter, Maedhros' Bedroom, A living room, Prayer room, and Resting Quarters

These locations are clearly marked by Lord Maedhros and can be read on SURVEY - You discern it as a major focal point of the power of Maedhros Allendil, the Hunter.

So, don't jump me in my place of \"reflection and meditation\" and I won't jump you in yours.

Aja, Still Nekkid!

Written by my hand on the 26th of Paglost, in the year 1144.