Blah Blah Blah.

I'm very hard pressed about what you don't understand. Everytime you jump me or attempt to jump me and run to your temple, I will follow you there. I'm done with giving respect and consideration where there is none returned. You have abused the sanctity of your Lady's temple for long enough. You have repeatedly attacked me on Lord Maedhros' sacred grounds since my return from dormancy. If I have to deal with Lady Xanthe after

dropping you and offering your mangy corpse to Her, so be it. It's worth whatever She can think of to do to me to see you die in your hidey hole.

Everyone knows your schedule...1) see Aja log in, 2) jump Aja, 3) run to temple, 4) log off cuz mummy is calling you to dinner, step 3 is now run to Parrius followed by logging off for dinner with mum. However, I am glad to see you change your patterns somewhat. Running back to the staves and protection of your city is much less cowardly.

Get your lies in order before you post them. You \"chased\" me into the pool after you couldn't kill me. OK, I'll give you that one, but since there are only two ways to get rid of kural and the pool was closer, that's where I went. But in the few seconds it took me to get def'd up, you had logged off in your temple hidey hole. I was fortunate that you logged back in (for a another change of pace), so I killed you and gave Lady Xanthe back some of the essence she lost, just the way I promised you I would

Don't think for one instant that you scare me. I made you chase me around simply because it amuses me to see you running about like a puppy nipping at my heels. When I stood my ground against you and Mojo (or whoever you bring along when your jump attempts fail) and laughed at your struggling to kill me for what seemed like half a day. Jump! Jump! Jump! You can jump me and win a fight, it's quite easy to take anyone unawares. But now I have you jumping though hoops. So come and jump me anytime you want

You have no idea how much fun it is for me!

So, in the future, save your breath. Your juvenile, school-boy trash talk and lying is boring and mundane noise at best.

Aja, The Naked One

Written by my hand on the 25th of Paglost, in the year 1144.