that would make sense pahn , except two things .

1) iceman portaled to me

2) he showed no remorse afterwards and even sent tells offering to kill me again

i am sure you wish to believe a citizen of Springdale , but it would seem that Narissa is right .

icemans excuses are just that . he wishes to excuse his acts to avalon by posting about Narissa , but he never accepts responsibility .

As i was only 3 hours old at the time , i have learnt a valuable lesson . Springdale seems to hide liars within its walls .

Not all people from Springdale seem to be evil , in fact Gandalph and eloire have been very helpfull . but to excuse killing an lw with such lies leads me to believe that Springdale will stoop to any level to achieve its goals

Written by my hand on the 15th of Skyelong, in the year 1140.