let me fill you in.

When Chaos took over Parrius there was a scission. 7 or 8 Parrians got ejected for \"conspiring\" to remove ender from his leadership of parrius through that treasonous of all actions. democratic elections.

As a result these people got tossed some went to mercinae most came to springdale some remained cityless.

I vowed to see this injustice corrected. Now I don't see any active member of the order of chaos in Parrius, booya. baby. and huuah. I salute the fighters of springdale who brought this about. Help files don't lie. Plaman thakrian, orinoko corionan, and ender tried to make a comeback and I still have his pelt upon my fireplace.

Oh on a side note, iceman doesn't kill LW's on purpose I never said this, the only part with narissa's post I agree with is that skills NO skills should go through bloodlust, to protect not only the young but larger players from younger \"Secconds\"

It was possible to order demons on a player who you could not touch otherwise due to their or your bloodlust restriction, I don't know if this has changed but I do know, staves, rituals, traps, ls truearc, and one or two seer skills.

To protect the young of avalon and to protect from flagrant BL abuse, then I suggest everything but Staves be bloodlust sensitive.

Written by my hand on the 15th of Skyelong, in the year 1140.