I missed something.

Again it is no longer my concern but reading through this I need to ask a few questions for my and hopefully other clarifications.

When SPringdalians come to Parrius and slay people smaller then themselves or those not actively involved in fighting against Springdale, hostile in anyway other then defending their own city etc it is the Captains of Parrius fault for not defending them but you guys are in no way in the wrong? However if Parrians come to Springdale and kill peaceful or smaller Springdalians or collapse mines on pacifists it is not the failure of the Springdale barony to defend them but instead the Parrians are being

evil, mean currupt bastards? Because that seems to be what is being said.

Fact is and Pahn hit it on the head neither side is killing lw's intentionally. In fact that rarely happens in the land period. Both sides are just as guilty of going into the others cities and killing those not involved or those just defending their city. I say kill em kill em all but don't bitch when it happens back to your own city.

Finally something Pahn said I was curious on to make sure and see. Assembling troops in your own city is now an act of war? That actually sounded like a crap excuse that you are just much to good to use Pahn. Just own up and tell it like it is you enjoy the skill and power you are currently displaying and the slaughtering of folks. Leaves a nice taste in your mouth and an adreniline rush. Own up to it, you are good enough to deserve the credit!


Written by my hand on the 24th of Midwinter, in the year 1140.