You are a moron and a coward.

You - the temple cowering tree hugging teaming coward of Avalon have neither the

moral standing or intellectual capability to even properly assess what the subject

of the prior posts are about.

Let me make it clear to you - you bombastic wind bag.

Smaller Parrians die by my blade, by Pahn's venom or by other Springdalian might

because YOU fail to protect them in their own streets. You particularly are content

to let them attempt to defend the city, and lose their lives while you sit in a

graveyard or meditation room within the sanctity of Lady Xanthe's temple.

Any smaller Parrian who has died by my hand in defence of their city has earned my

respect, and often if they die to me, I resurect them. You need only ask Fizzy or

Buddharma, or Moridaan of this FACT.

Springdale has struck back at Parrius's attempt to supress us, and have struck back

hard. Your response, is to hide, cower and resort to name calling and teaming

with any one who you can. You are the reason young parrians die. You have failed

them, You are a coward and an embarrasment to the ranger profession and the notions

of revenge.

Only the other day, when you attempted a foray into our fair city with Narrissa, and

you were being handed your asses by our fine citizens, I came in, to watch Narrisa

flee like the rat she is to sewers, and you to hugging your tree in Oakwood.

I alwasy cheris seeing you hugging that tree, like a frightened cub, whose mangy

fur is soaked with his own urine as he looks about wide-eyed for the closest swing

to the saftey of his ever patient patron, Lady Xanthea.

Now - boy - shut it, or do your job, and defend those you claim to value so much.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Midwinter, in the year 1140.