Narissa's oringal post.

YOU are missing her point. These smaller players you claim we slaughter, Eloire, Flamestrike, August, even Mephisia, have all taken an active role in attacking Parrians. Eloire not so much any more, and she has been left alone for the most part due to it.

They come to our city to attack it, so they are attacked in retaliation.

Our smaller Parrians do NOT go to SD and attack your men, team your citizens, yet are constantly hounded and hunted for defending Parrius' fine fine streets.

I dare you to even attempt to name one instance Fizzy, Jin, Illuminati or any of the other small Parrians you kill have gone to SD and created any such harm.

The simple fact is you are blood hungry piece of orc feces, and will make any excuse to justify feeding that hunger. You, are the sadist.

I assume you have been blinded by your anger with the bigger Parrians, and can't control your hatred even in the slightest degree towards the younger ones. That's classic insecurity at it's best.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Midwinter, in the year 1140.